Here's The Scary Lawyer Letter We Got For Posting 2014 Corvette Images

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On Monday, we posted pics of the nose and rear of the still unreleased 2014 Corvette. The company who accidentally released those images, supplier Omega Corp., further screwed GM by confirming our exclusive renders and is responding by making a big public apology.


Just kidding. They responded by sending us an strongly-worded letter from their lawyers demanding that we take them down.


Those whole thing started when someone, we presume from Omega Corp., released a marketing video of their company's manufacturing capabilities. And what better way to show off your work than releasing renders of your company building the current Corvette.

The only problem is they weren't pics of the current Corvette. They were 3D detailed renders of the next Corvette. Oops. Compare them to these 2014 Corvette photos.

Here's the letter sent by Omega Corporation's representation at law firm Schafer & Weiner:

Content Removal Demand

Matt and Nick:

Omega Tool Corp. ("Omega") has retained Schafer and Weiner, PLLC ("S&W") to enforce its rights related to the video and images that were wrongfully and illegally posted to your website (the "Illegal Content"). Through this letter, Omega formally demands that you immediately remove the Images from your website and permanently disable all access to the Illegal Content.

Omega is a corporation that manufactures molds and tools primarily for use in the automotive industry. The molds manufactured by Omega are then used to produce various parts used in the production of vehicles.

The Illegal Content includes a video that was wrongfully and illegally posted to the internet by an unrelated and unauthorized third-party and images from the video. The Images show the mold design and the mold and that Omega manufactured (the "Mold") to produce a front bumper for a General Motors Company prototype (the "Part"). More specifically, the Images also show what the Mold looks like, how it is used to manufacture the Part, and what the Part looks like. The Images disclose the trade secrets and the intellectual property of both Omega and General Motors Company. Continued access to the Images and their content will cause extensive harm to Omega, potentially resulting in millions of dollars in damages.

Posting the Illegal Content violates the Uniform Trade Secret Act ("UTSA") by misappropriating Omega's trade secrets. Specifically, your disclosure of the Illegal Content on your website is illegal because you disclosed the Images without the express or implied consent of Omega and, at the time of disclosure, you knew or had reason to know that your knowledge and/or access to the Images was derived from or through a person who had utilized improper means to acquire it. Simply put, it is well-known in the industry, including automotive publications such as Jalopnik, that the information the Images contain is closely guarded proprietary information, and not consensually available to the public.

The Illegal Content must be immediately removed and all access to the Images must be permanently disabled. If you fail or refuse to remove the Illegal Content, Omega will pursue all available remedies, including but not limited to legal action. If Omega is forced to take legal action, Omega will ask the Court to order you to pay Omega's attorneys' fees and punitive damages, in addition to any damages that Omega has suffered.

Contact me at XXX-XXXX-XXX or e-mail me at as soon as possible to discuss the steps you will take to remove and disable the Illegal Content. I expect to hear from you within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving this demand.

Govern yourself accordingly,


Sounds like a confirmation to us. We've respectfully declined given the video is up on YouTube and the images are newsworthy and a matter of public concern. You can see them all here.

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Dear Tracey XXXXXX,

Hot name, do you dance? Any way, we received your letter and I wanted to compliment you on the strong language. Punitive damages? Attorneys fees? Classic. Remember that time one of the employees ("Dumbass") included confidential pictures ("Nudes") of an as-of-yet unreleased car ("Corvette") in a promotional video? Well, Dumbass showed everyone Nudes of the Corvette and proceeded to post the video to YouTube (a publicly accessible video sharing site). It is hard to argue that we are in the wrong here when Dumbass put the Nudes in a widely available promotional video.

At this time we must reject your letter with strong words of our own. Steel. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bond of a mother and son. Gorilla Glue. Do I need to go on or do you see that we mean serious business? You may contact me with a Bat Signal or the Dragonzoid Flute from the first season of Power Rangers.

Go fuck yourself accordingly,

Magic Matt XXXX