Here's The New Haas F1 Car Before We're Supposed To See It

The Haas Formula One team is all set to debut their new car at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time tomorrow, but photos of their new car leaked out from a filming day at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, reports Haas’ 2017-spec racer, the VF-17, was captured in the Catalunya pit lane sporting a dark grey and red livery.


The car has a big shark fin on top of its engine cover and a well-endowed thumb nose like most 2017-spec cars, although F1 technical whiz Craig Scarborough noticed that the car has a curious access panel on the side of its tub, and blown wheel nuts. (You can read all about the tech behind blown wheel nuts—where airflow gets routed through a hollow axle—here.)

Both Haas and Renault were at the filming day with their new Formula One racers. Renault unveiled their car earlier this week.


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That shark fin pattern reminds me of the Caddy DPi shark fin in a good way.