Here's The New Face Of The 2016 GMC Sierra

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Any guesses on the top reason why people buy GMC trucks? According to GM it’s “styling,” so they sure hope you dig the new look of the 2016 GMC Sierra. It’s a mild update but don’t worry, they did manage to get more angles in that chiseled face.


The 2016 facelift includes new front and rear bumpers and lights all around. Seems logical that GMC’s Sierra lineup will benefit from a proliferation of 8-speed transmission applications like its brother Chevy the Silverado, but we haven’t heard anything about what’s under the new skin yet.

I always say I like the look of GM trucks and I stand behind that looking at this. Mostly because I prefer the single-piece headlights to Chevy’s split units. Interior looks pretty much the same, but we’re looking forward to more iPhone integration with GM’s infotainment rig. What do you think?



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