Here's The New BMW Z5-Toyota Supra Dancing On A Frozen Lake

Why the hell isn’t the new Toyota Supra/BMW Z5 out yet? I feel like these camo’d mules have been around so long now they’re old enough to buy their own cigarettes. Anyway, the car really is real, for real, and here’s the BMW version (presumably) playing on a frozen lake.


To recap, the long-gestating sports car is jointly developed by Toyota, and should spawn a BMW roadster maybe called the Z5 and a Toyota coupe maybe called the Supra. We still know very little beyond that, but we’ve heard rumors of hybrid V6 power on at least one of them, rear-wheel drive, and that it will run on unicorn blood instead of gasoline.

One thing we know for sure: it will do snow donuts properly. I can’t wait to drive this thing, when-if-when-if? it ever really happens.

Video credit Chris Doane Automotive

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Am I the only one not excited by this car anymore? For one its taking forever. On top of that, I just feel like one or the others driving DNA is going to overpower the other. It could be too much Toyota to be a BMW or it can be too much BMW to be a Toyota, which at that point it probably might as well go to Lexus. Price could be a factor as well. If it comes in at the high 40's low 50's I wouldn’t even look at it.