Here's The Hellcat, Z/28 And Mustang GT Battle You've Been Waiting For

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In 2014, we find ourselves in the most glorious age of American performance since Lyndon Johnson was president. Each of the Detroit brands is represented by powerful and thoroughly modern examples of classic muscle and pony cars. But which one is best?


That's what this Automobile video test seeks to find out in this battle royale between the 2015 Ford Mustang GT, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and the Chevrolet Camaro Z/28. Good times all around.

While I'm not sure how much cross-shopping is done between these three cars — people tend to be pretty loyal to their brands — we're all dying to know whether Chevy, Ford or Dodge does it better.

All-new for the first time in a decade, the Mustang GT is a more sporting and more independent rear suspension-y car than the one it replaces. It's great, but it might just be a little too refined.

The 707 horsepower Challenger Hellcat needs no introduction at this point. It's a rolling experiment in excess, a dinosaur burnout machine, the blunt instrument of the test. Handling isn't really its strong suit, but it can turn left and right at intersections.

Then there's the Camaro Z/28, one of the best track-focused machines this country has ever produced. When you absolutely, positively have to make guys in their Porsche 911 GT3 feel like they paid too much, accept no substitutes. It walks away with the fastest lap time here. Not surprising.


Granted, this isn't an apples-to-apples-to-apples test. These cars each have very different missions and price tags — a Z/28 will probably run you about double what a decently-equipped Mustang GT will cost. But until the Shelby GT350 hits the streets, they're what we've got to work with.

How do you like them apples? I like them apples.


I really haven't been waiting for this... This is like an Olympic sprinter vs and Olympic Hurdler vs that dude that was pretty good at sports in high school.