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Here's The Full Superstar Racing Experience Schedule

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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The Superstar Racing Experience, known as SRX, has finally released its 2021 schedule. While it may be short, the stock car series that kicks off on June 12, 2021 is doing some really fascinating things.

First and foremost, the six-race season is going to be run on consecutive weekends, which means it’ll have been wrapped up on July 17. While the series hasn’t released all of the reasoning behind that decision, it’ll certainly make for a more promising season with COVID-19 likely still lingering in America. Six back-to-back weeks means that the SRX drivers and personnel can effectively form a little bubble that doesn’t have to be popped until a champion is crowned.


From Ray Evernham, series co-founder:

Starting our series at the historic Stafford Motor Speedway will center the eyes of the nation on one of America’s oldest and most historic short-tracks. Then we head west, with back-to-back races on dirt at the renowned Knoxville Raceway and Stewart’s Eldora Speedway. Fourth of July weekend will be special at the great Lucas Oil Raceway, with so much energy and excitement at that facility. Then we head up to Slinger Speedway in Wisconsin where so many of the great NASCAR drivers have competed at the Slinger Nationals. Finally, we wrap up the 2021 series with our championship at the Nashville Fairgrounds, a track that has witnessed so much history of the course of their 100+ year existence.


Other co-founder Tony Stewart noted that the main goal in organizing the schedule was to group together as many complicated tracks with long term motorsport history as possible.

It fits the overall mission of the series, which is to bring together tons of talented veteran drivers—big names like Bobby Labonte, Helio Castroneves, Mark Webber, and Willy T. Ribbs—and put them to the test in equal equipment.

Full 2020 SRX Schedule

June 12, 8 PM, ET – Stafford Motor Speedway (Stafford Springs, Conn.)

June 19, 8 PM, ET – Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, Iowa)

June 26, 8 PM, ET – Eldora Speedway (New Weston, Ohio)

July 3, 8 PM, ET – Lucas Oil Raceway (Brownsburg, Ind.)

July 10, 8 PM, ET – Slinger Speedway (Slinger, Wis.)

July 17, 8 PM, ET – Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway (Nashville, Tenn.)