Here's The Nissan GT-R LM Nismo Le Mans Car Just Hanging Out In A Garage

On a day when all eyes in motor racing were focused on McLaren Honda becoming the world's most boring twinsie with Force India, Nissan quietly released the first official photo of their Le Mans car.

We've been impressed at just how under-wraps Nissan has managed to keep this car, especially considering that all the rumors point to it being a radically different car from anything else on the World Endurance Championship grid.


While we've seen the car running around in the nude, this is the first time Nissan themselves have released any official photos of it, complete with a red livery reminiscent of the original Total Arse Racing Team phone shots.


Here's the tweet, which features the car in a big mystery warehouse somewhere:


Welcome to the crazy world of endurance racing, Nissan. We can't wait to see this car racing.

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