Here's The First 2015 Ford Transit School Bus

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The Blue Bird Micro Bird T-Series is the first Ford Transit to be officially turned into a school bus. Maybe riding the short bus won’t be so embarrassing when it comes with 3.5 liters of two-turbo fury!


Check out all that glass, Otto Mann’s days of running kids over are over.

As you may remember, transit can be configured 47 different ways from the factory including this “bus prep” cutaway package that a bus company like Blue Bird or Thomas can then slap their own body and accessories on. A Transit can carry as many as 25 passengers or 10,360 pounds.

While a factory-complete Transit van has a unibody superstructure, ones that ship to upfitters as chassis-cabs obviously have a more traditional “body-on-frame” style construction.

Still, I bet this will be a significantly smoother ride for your little rascals than the old International I used to ride to school up hill in the snow both ways.


Images via Ford

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