Here's The Best Look At The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro Yet

We’re now only five days away from the public debut of the lighter, sleeker, Alpha platform-ier 2016 Chevrolet Camaro at Belle Isle Park in Detroit. While it’s probably going to leak out sometime before then, because these things always do, Chevrolet did unveil a couple more shadowy pics that give us our best look at the new car yet.

Today, they’re talking about aerodynamics and cooling, and how much better the new Camaro is than the old one at those things:

For example, the initial design called for the lower grille bars to be set at a 20-degree angle to the horizon. However, after meticulous testing, the team improved engine-cooling airflow by 1 percent by shifting the angle to 13 degrees – a change that achieved the airflow target while maintaining the original grille design.

And rather than a traditional front air dam to reduce aerodynamic lift, the team developed a flush belly pan that stretches from the front grille to the center of the vehicle. Paired with small “spats” forward of the front tires, the smooth underbody helps reduce total lift by 30 percent – while also reducing aerodynamic drag.


FASCINATING. More importantly, let’s compare the teaser shot to the side view of the outgoing Camaro. The two did end up looking remarkably similar — which makes sense because the Camaro was a huge seller for Chevy and why mess with success — but the new Camaro looks a little more streamlined than its predecessor.

Now here’s a teaser shot of the new front end compared to the old Camaro:


Obviously, that lower grille part is different, but other than that it’s hard to compare the two at the moment.


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