Here's The Absolutely Nuts Ferrari F12tdf In The Wild

If you’re looking for the craziest modern V12 Ferrari money can buy, forget the LaFerrari. The 770 horsepower F12tdf is the car for you.

Apart from looking exactly like a Velocity Yellow Corvette Z06 from the front, nothing bad can be said about the first F12tdf spotted in the wild by photographer Florian Schulz. Since Ferrari’s V8 models already went turbocharged for good, who knows how long can we enjoy the sound and the throttle response of a naturally-aspirated Ferrari V12?


Some said the regular F12 might be the last of the breed, but it’s nice to know that Ferrari will also build 799 of these four-wheel steering, 211 MPH über GTs.


I can hear it already.

Photo credit: Florian Schulz ( Hat tip to Zero 2 Turbo!


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