Here's Some Of The Tesla Model 3's Coolest And Strangest Quirks

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The Tesla Model 3 may be off to a slower-than-expected production launch, but early models for the car are getting delivered and people are already discovering all sorts of quirks. Some are cool, and some are unfortunate.

In the latest video from OCDetailing based in Fremont, California (where the Tesla Model 3 is manufactured), we get a good look at some of the “hidden features” and other quirks of the new car. That is, quirks beyond the car not yet having FM radio.

Some of the quirks include wide shutters just below the controversial fascia that apparently open to help cool the Model 3's battery. There’s also a lockable frunk which is just like the one on the Model S and Model X.


Some of the disappointments revealed in the video is no clear available method of putting a front license plate on the car, meaning you may have to find a way to stick the plate on the front bumper, or even drill into it. There’s a similar problem in the back, with a bunch of inter-connected smooth paneling that doesn’t appear to have access for a tow hook, meaning you can’t attach any sort of trailer to the car.

As mentioned in the video, these are updates that may come to future production Model 3s down the road, but for right now, the current cars just aren’t that quirky.

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