Here's Some of the Raddest Stuff That Showed Up for Radwood Austin Over the Weekend

All photos, aside from Instagram embeds: Alanis King
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Texas is known more for its disproportionate amount of huge trucks than its deep, rad car culture, probably because the former blocks everyone’s view of the latter at stoplights. But Texas’ car culture showed up for Radwood Austin over the weekend, and the day was about as rad as it gets.

Radwood, a car show founded with a crew of passionate folks that includes our own Bradley Brownell, celebrates everything 1980s and ‘90s—the cars, the music, the clothes. Going to the show is like stepping into a time machine and arriving in the better days, when we could all wear ridiculously colored clothing and side ponytails without needing to declare it a “costume” or “period correct.” (Some personal news: My mother and I have decided to start wearing fishnets when we’re not in costume.)

There was plenty of that at the Austin show over the weekend, along with all of the Mazda Miatas, Toyota Supras and right-hand-drive imports a heart could handle—and those were just the sprinkles on a Ferrari F40-topped hill. It was rad, and so were all of the people who came.

If you missed the show, here’s your chance to enjoy it through photos. There’s still an entire schedule of other Radwood dates left this year, too, if the show is coming your way and you’d like to go. (You should.)