Here's Sébastien Loeb Sliding Off The Road

Sébastien Loeb is usually known for ludicrous speed and rally domination, but he showed a rare moment of weakness in testing for the Rallye Monte Carlo. His Citroën DS3 WRC slid right off the road.


Luckily for him, it could have been a lot worse had his car kept sliding down the hill, but he still had to suffer the indignity of getting stuck in the snow. Someone fetch a recovery vehicle. This one may be a bit too far off the road for fans to push him back onto it.

Loeb is currently testing for the Rallye Monte Carlo, which will run from January 19-25.

The mix of wintry conditions and an old pro driving a Citroën should make this a good one.



thats an ohh shit moment if ive ever seen one. and fuck this pending comments shit, go back to the way shit was before, when this site didnt suck!