Here's Proof The Army Once Used 10 Passenger "Super Jeeps"

Although this 1944 newsreel presents the bizarre ten passenger "Super Jeep" seen here as the next incarnation of the already popular Jeep, judging from the relative obscurity of these long vehicles they never got too far out of the testing phase.

Before we came across this video on we had no idea such a vehicle even existed. It took several viewings of this vintage video footage to even wrap our heads around the concept of the stretched utility vehicle. According to the film, this Jeep was designed principally for shore patrol, where its long wheelbase gave it an advantage in the sand.


Our attempts to find out more about these stretched Jeeps and exactly what gave them "more power" were unsuccessful (does anyone know more about these?). Even so, one look at the awesomely dangerous dune jump in this video is enough to understand why these vehicles never became popular troop carriers.

Hat tip to Baber K. Khan (The true expression of freedom is 4x4)!

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