Early last month, Koenigsegg shut down a highway and took an Agera RS up to over 284 mph, eventually settling on an averaged max speed of 277 mph that might make it the world’s fastest ever street legal production car. Here’s video from inside the cockpit showing just how insane that run was.

We’ve seen video from inside the run before, but this video, released by Koenigsegg on Thursday, shows the run from a slightly wider angle inside, revealing the driver, Niklas Lilja, who looks pretty calm as he guns it down Route 160 in Nevada.

The Koenigsegg probably is the world’s fastest ever legal production car, though Guinness hasn’t yet verified it. A Guinness spokeswoman confirmed that they’d received an application from Koenigsegg for “fastest speed on a public highway” and were still reviewing it.


You don’t really need Guinness, though. You just need your eyes.

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