Here's Ken Block Doing LASER DONUTS

Think I'm kidding about laser donuts? There's no way anybody could be kidding about LASER DONUTS.

The LASER DONUTS are part of a promotion for a new video featuring Ken Block racing against the lights, along with Lamborghini driver Adrian Zaugg, BMW (and DTM) driver Augusto Farfus, and Audi (and DTM) driver Mike Rockenfeller.


And when I say "racing against the lights," I really mean racing against the lights. I'm not entirely too sure of what Ken Block has up his sleeve this time, but it looks like he and his motley crew of racing drivers will be racing along a track created entirely out of lights and laser beams, which are technically also lights.

I'm not sure I entirely get the concept just yet, so here's Ken B explaining it himself:

And apparently the drivers don't really know what to expect, either:

It's all verrrrrry mysterious. If Ken Block has something to do with it though, I'm sure it'll be an awesome show regardless.

The Blackout video drops on May 27th. Can't wait.

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AnxiousLogic is a contrarian.

I was really hoping they had discovered a way to replicate the "Akira effect".