Here's Idris Elba Riding A Land Rover Like It's A Preppy War Chariot

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Underrated actor-with-cool-name Idris Elba looks like he's in some kind of Barbour/Gladiator crossover photo shoot tooling into the Invictus Games on the back of this 1968 Land Rover Series IIa. Maybe you can caption this for us?

Can't quite tell if that's pride or discomfort on his face up there... maybe a bit of both, it'd certainly be a bumpy ride even over a manicured playing field. Can't say he doesn't look hunky though, and that's a lovely truck to boot.


Fun fact; IMDB says Elba's dad Winston worked at a Ford car factory.

The Invictus Games, endorsed by Prince Harry, is an international sporting tournament for injured war veterans. The message is "survival in the face of adversity and the strength of the human spirit, sending a positive message about life beyond disability." With healthy dose of pomp and circumstance the Brits can't help but bestow.

Participants have cited the Games as a huge part of their recovery, both physically and emotionally. Running from September 10th to 14th, you can check them out right here on YouTube if you're not in England.


Images: Land Rover

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