Here's How You Can Decide What Volvo Will Show In Its Reveal On Wednesday

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In preparation for what the manufacturer calls its “next generation,” Volvo will live stream the debut of its new car—or cars—on Dec. 2. And according to the company, viewers will get to choose the camera angles for the event.


Other than those details, it’s all pretty mysterious. The live stream will occur on the company’s YouTube channel at 12:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday, and the event will be held at the Volvo Design Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’ll be an interactive stream in which viewers can decide where the cameras go and what they will see, but the manufacturer won’t reveal what exactly we’ll be looking at in the first place—the company said it’s simply the “new era” of Volvo cars.

While Volvo wants to keep the exact contents of the reveal a secret from us, rumors are that it’s the new S90 sedan. Here’s where the live stream will occur, when the date rolls around:

There are currently no directions on how the “viewers tell us what to do” process will work—if by YouTube comments, submissions prior to the event or another method—but the at-your-fingertips reveal style runs right along the lines of the company’s new in-car delivery system for online shopping.


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certified cool guy

Looking foward to seeing the V90.

Please, show us the production version of this.