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Decreasing radius turns are nasty buggers, especially if you aren’t expecting them. You’re cruising along happily at a good speed, taking the turn and then all of a sudden it starts getting way tighter than you anticipated. What do you do then? Let our friends at Team O’Neil Rally School show you the way.


Typically, people enter a decreasing radius turn while carrying too much speed, so understeer can occur when it tightens up. So, you’ll need to use your brakes in these types of turns.

Like this.
Like this.

It’s all about balancing your braking and your throttle, according to rally driver Wyatt Knox. There’s a point in the decreasing radius turn that tightens way the hell up, and this is the bit you have to watch out for. Rather than instinctively slamming on your brakes, you’ll need to take into account your grip, steering and speed while you start braking. It helps if you aren’t already going way too fast.

The idea is to carry enough momentum through the corner in order to pull it off quickly and safely. And, as always, keep your eyes up. You’ll react to things that much quicker if you see them sooner.


Practice! Try it out at slower speeds on snow or gravel, which can be more forgiving than dry road. And check out the video.

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