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Here's How To Put Android Auto On Your Hyundai Right Now

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you want to get new features installed in your car, a trip to the dealer is a necessity (unless you’re driving a Tesla). Hyundai is removing that burden for 2015 Sonata owners by allowing them to upgrade their infotainment system to work with Android Auto with a quick download and a USB stick.

Owners of this one particular model year Sonata can log into the page and download the update with a few clicks. After the software has been transferred to the drive, they simply plug into the car’s USB port and the update happens in around 40 minutes.


This isn’t completely unlike what Ford has done in the past with updates or the initial fix Chrysler wanted to make available to the 1.2 million cars affected by that pesky little hack uncovered last week. But it’s decidedly different from what Tesla offers with its over-the-air updates, which come in over a combination of the embedded modem and integrated WiFi.

And since Hyundai doesn’t completely trust owners not to botch the update, it’s put together a mildly cheeky video to illustrate the process: