BOO. Halloween is coming. Ready to take your pumpkin-carving game to the next level and put something truly Hellacious on your porch this Halloween? Download this awesome Challenger Hellcat pumpkin pattern and scare the neighbor's Mustang. There's also a VW Golf and "Marty McFly" Toyota Tacoma!

Each pattern is a free PDF download you can print out and place over your pumpkin.

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat from We R Mopar

2015 Volkswagen Golf R from VW Parts Vortex

1980's Toyota Tacoma, with light bars a la Back To The Future, from Olathe Toyota


I expect to see photos of your attempts in the comments, and any other automotive pumpkins you've cooked up over the years.

Here's the Golf:


And the classic Taco:


Thanks to Spork Marketing for coming up with a pitch that doesn't suck!