Here's How To Buy An Insane Ferrari 458 Italia With A $120,000 Discount

Dreams often materialize when your finances align with your ambition. Even so, dream cars like this spectacular Ferrari 458 Italia are always dangling just out of reach - until now. You can buy this well looked-after example that hasn’t been crashed or burned, for well under half price.


This 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia is the last naturally aspirated V8 Ferrari model made, which makes it desirable. Its 4.5 liter V8 engine pumps out 562 horsepower and it has a redline as high as its equally stratospheric original price tag. This example, however, comes at a deep discount because of one sobering fact - it has been driven. This may be the highest mileage Ferrari 458 in the world. Even if maintenance records are up to date and a new engine is installed, prospective owners seem to shy away from cars that have been driven because, for some reason, supercar owners are downright afraid to drive their cars.

This 93,000+ mile example seems to make all the right noises and have all of its ducks in a row, as evidenced by the description. Here’s an excerpt:

This 2010 Ferrari 458 is in great condition and is highly optioned. It is finished in Giallo Modena (Yellow), Nero (Black) Leather interior, Scuderia

Ferrari fender shields, 20” 5 Spoke wheels, Black calipers, Power Daytona style seats, Carbon fiber - dash trim / steering wheel w/ LED / center console, iPod intergration, Fire extinguisher, Tachometer in white, to name a few.The car does have high miles, but has been very well maintained and serviced properly at the local Ferrari dealer “Penske / Wynn” here in Las Vegas. The engine was replaced at 22K miles and we have copies of all service and maintenance records.


For anyone looking for a bargain on a well-maintained supercar, the deals aren’t with the low-mileage examples that are garaged in hermetically sealed Ziploc bags and ritually cleansed by the village shaman, they’re with the cars that have been driven as if they were, y’know, supercars. Everything that would’ve gone wrong on this car, did, and any issues were fixed with all of the records to back it up. It looks just as good as a brand new 458 and it’s less than half price, which puts it into the same price range as a new Porsche 911 4S. If you enjoy cars and are in the market for something with the driving dynamics of an H-bomb, look no further.


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