Here's How They Shoot Stunning Car Videos For Your Viewing Pleasure

Creating even just few minutes long car videos week after week is a demanding job, as demonstrated here by XCAR, who foolishly decided to visit Wales with an open-top Aston Martin V12 Vantage. In January.


Alex, and Nick and Roo should have called up local boy Chris Harris to learn that Wales is no place for humans in the middle of the winter. Not to mention that even those fancy cameras can’t see the stunning scenery when it’s hailing ice.

Anyway, the XCAR team doesn’t seem to know impossible. When the going gets tough, they just jump into their trusty and rather cold double cab Land Rover Defender to film in high definition as Alex’s butt gets warmed up in the heated leather seats of the cars we all dream about.

But hey, we all do this for the kids!


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Bozi Tatarevic

This is awesome, sometimes I enjoy the behind the scenes more than the actual video