Here's How Headbutting A Parking Pay Machine Can Cost You $1,000

While there are awesome things going on outside of my college town, I can't say the same about those rapscallions down the road in Ann Arbor. For whatever reason, here's a guy punching and headbutting a parking pay station while arguing with a young woman.

It's not known why he's arguing with the woman, nor why he thought punching the pay station a second time was a good idea after doubling over in pain the first time he punched it. (Spoiler: He doubles over again after punching it the second time.) The headbutt, which comes toward the end of the video, also appears to leave him a bit disoriented.


It's generally a good idea to not punch and headbutt pay stations for the good of your own health and well-being, but also because it can cause damage to the machine itself. Ann Arbor police are now looking for the guy in question because he caused $1,000 in damages.

Watch the video below:

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