Ferraris used to be penned by Pininfarina apart from a few Bertone moments. But that era is over. Centro Stile Ferrari took over a couple of years ago to keep the design gig in house, and the track-only FXX K is their wildest creation yet.

The LaFerrari is already pretty close to a fighter jet with its active wings and air intakes that could swallow a cow, but since it is a road legal vehicle, the designers had to hold back some of their wildest ideas. Then came the FXX K to liberate those digital pens.



No wing?



Need to fit a human?



Since they weren’t busy competing against McLaren or Porsche, Ferrari also found time to shoot a nice video of the whole design process at Centro Stile.


Prepare your ears for a few drops of unlimited Ferrari V12 action:

Photo credit: Ferrari. H/T to the always excellent Axis of Oversteer!