The Nürburgring is near and dear to our hearts as a racetrack, but let’s not forget the fact that it’s technically a one-way public toll road. Do you have a street-legal vehicle? It can probably go on the ‘ring. Here’s a compilation of all the craziest conveyances people take on the Nordschleife. You’re welcome.

Touristenfahrten brings out every facet of wheeled society in the best way ever: old American iron, scooters, three-wheelers, sidecars, drifters, bikes on roofs and even a bus, all on a racetrack. Take your race car, and then hoon your tow vehicle. Why? Because you can, that’s why.


Note to self: ask for parts shipped via DHL to be wrapped in extra, extra padding. Who knew Transit vans could rotate so well? That one white van had some pretty sweet little flicks there.

I’m also not sure how the fellow on the Vespa even fits on there, given the Jupiter-sized ‘nads it must take to believe that riding a scooter on the Nürburgring is a good idea.

[H/T Connor!]


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