Audi is set to shift all of its designs in the direction of the low and wide Audi Prologue Concept, but the upcoming new 2016 Audi A4 will just miss that bandwagon. Instead it will be more evolutionary in terms of its design, and these leaked photos of a super incomplete car show where it's going.

Photos of the new A4 showed up on China's Autohome today. We don't get a ton of detail and the car is clearly still a work in progress, but they do show a new, more jagged headlight design, a different front fascia and a significantly more modern interior.

Specifically, the infotainment screen stands alone and up top above the dash, there are fewer buttons for the stereo and AC controls, and the gear selector has been replaced with a much more compact unit. It looks a lot closer to what you'd find on the current A8 and Q7, among others.


The new A4 is expected to use a modified version of the current car's platform called MLB evo and should debut sometime this fall. Upon it release, it will likely include a steering wheel as well.