Here's Your First Peek At The Next Toyota Hilux, Which Is Not A Tacoma

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Looks like somebody found a next-generation (2016?) Toyota Hilux hiding under a tarp and was kind enough to beam their pictures to the internet. Looks a bit less aggressive than our 2016 Toyota Tacoma, but it's unmistakably truck. What do you think?


Previous iterations of the Toyota Hilux were not exactly "another version of the Tacoma." A few pieces of interior are recognizable across the trucks but each has a unique frame, suspension, and drivetrain options. The Hilux's D4D diesel engine is one of the pillars on which Toyota's international reputation for reliability rests on, though Tacomas are supposedly better dialed for "everyday usage" where a Hilux is more agricultural.

Will keep our eyes open for any more information that trickles out on the new truck!

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David E. Davis

Spy pic.