Here's A LaFerrari Doing Crazy Powerslides Around The Nurburgring

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This isn't the fastest lap a LaFerrari can do around the Nurburgring, but it is one with the most tire smoke. This guy has balls of carbon fiber.

Mr. Powerslide Lover had this to say about his lap:

My second lap in a wet day. I was going not too fast because I was checking where I could push and where I couldn't. Going so slow, most of the times I was reaching the same speed that I was reaching with the Speciale going fast on dry tarmac.


963 horsepower and the Manettino dial set to CT Off at every corner with enough photographers on the side is a bit crazy. But that's one great way to spend an afternoon in a $2 million hypercar.

That poor Suzuki had no chance whatsoever.

H/T to Bridge To Gantry!