Here's A Koenigsegg Hitting 210 MPH On The Autobahn

If you want a unique fast car, you go to Christian von Koenigsegg in Sweden. If you want to drive it as close to its insane top speed as possible, you go to Germany. Europe remains a beautiful place.


The Agera R has 1,140 horsepower and a theoretical top speed of 273 mph, but that hardly matters since you can't test it anywhere.

What you can do instead is go to Germany and try to get close to 220 mph on public roads using their unique Autobahn network. That's where a Jaguar XJ220 would give up the fight, and to think that the Koenigsegg has another fifty or so mph on tap at that point shows how much progress we made in the last two decades.

This particular Agera R has already proved to be faster than a Porsche 918 Spyder without using any sort of aftermarket wizardry. That's good value right there!

The boost? It's right where it belongs:

In a V8 flying in the fast lane.



I'd be afraid of some idiot in a Camry swerving into my lane to do that even if it was legal here. Maybe he trusts that Germans are all better drivers than we are because any one of those vehicles changing lanes would have spelled disaster for both of them at those closing speeds. OR, maybe he's just a dumbass. I hate to be that guy but IMHO, legal or not, take it to the track.