Here's A Hilarious Rant About How Detroit Is Seen In America

Jalopnik Detroit writer Aaron Foley is a national treasure, that much is settled Fact. Every goddamned day he brings the perspective of someone who actually lives in Detroit, an incredibly complex city, and it's a task that can seem daunting. So when another Gawker Media writer messes up, he takes them to task as well.

Dayna Evans, to her credit, has done great work in the past and was totally apologetic and forthcoming in updating the original post, but this rant is a beautiful cri de coeur for anyone that lives in Michigan, and it feels as if it's directed at not just our colleagues at Gawker, but the entire world. It's too easy to see the entire state as one big desolate wasteland, covered by the vast ruins of MegaDetroit where nobody but incompetent auto executives live, but that couldn't be further from the truth.


I was originally a bit reluctant to share this to the front page of Jalopnik, seeing how the primary post on Gawker was corrected so quickly, but the words about Detroit, Pontiac, and Michigan still ring true in general. So here it is.


Oh, and it doesn't hurt that it's totally hilarious.

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