Here's A Half Hour Of Brits Flipping Their Cars On Purpose On A Janky Narrow Ramp

Gif: Britclip (YouTube)

Sometimes I wonder if the Brits are better rednecks than we are. Case in point: this ramp rollover competition mega-cut. Take a sketchy narrow ramp, and fly, little beaters, fly!

This compilation was called Ramp Roll Over Kings, and it’s a wealth of insanity even I would be too chicken to do.


While it doesn’t roll mid-air like the others, I think the real winner is the Reliant Robin that hits the ramp with its single front wheel, launching the entire car up in a triumphant jump.

Gif: Britclip (YouTube)

Who’d have ever thought Britain’s sketchiest three-wheeler would actually stay upright under any circumstance, ever?

[H/T Duck]

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Rural British are just like us, their beaters are just different.

When Americans do attempt this, we go all out: