Here's A Fast Way To Make Snowboarding More Dangerous

Apparently when the Spa-Francorchamps track is too snowy to race cars on, it opens up for “other activities.” Like strapping a tow rope to a Nissan GT-R, a snowboard to your feet, and hanging on for dear life.

The concept, along with the intro-guy’s beard and accent, are awesome. The music, a little less so. But you’ve got to applaud the RSR guys’ initiative and bravery of whoever they convinced to take “snowboarding.”

I’d say “don’t try this at home,” but if you have a race track at home I think you can handle yourself and do whatever the hell you want.


Hat tip to Kωνσταντινος!

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I think ski/snowboarding behind a snowmobile on a track like Spa would be the greatest thing ever, it has ALL THINGS THAT ARE GOOD.