Here's A Delightful Video Of Two People Dancing In A Parking Lot

Melvin Brown, a 19-year-old student who lives in Bordertown, New Jersey, was dancing in a parking lot recently, with his sisters filming the show. When Brown finished, his sisters were surprised to see a woman a few feet away taking cues from their brother. Who is this delightful woman? Brown told that he’s trying to find out.


Brown was at ShopRite parking lot dancing to Joo & DJ C-Him’s “Valid Like Salad” when the party broke out.


[His] performance was overtaken by an unexpected guest star, a woman getting into her car parked across from theirs who decided to join in.

“We were just goofing around. We didn’t think any of it,” he said. “Then my sister started screaming and I turned around and witnessed the best moment of my life.”


“When I posted it, we figured it was gonna blow up,” Brown said.

It did blow up!


Do you know this woman? Are you this woman? You should reach out to Brown. Maybe tweet at him. This story deserves a happy ending. Brown, meanwhile, is living it up.

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Since you’ve already gotten the click, you’ll get this, too. . .

If by “delightful”, you mean “painful” and by “dancing”, you mean “experiencing spasms”, then yes, that *is* a delightful video of two people dancing in a parking lot.