After all the excitement about the new Ford GT going racing as early as this year, how about going back in time by hopping into GT/108, the most original and rarest GT40 in existence for a lap around Willow Springs International?

Chassis number GT/108 is the first of the six GT40 Roadsters built (of which only four survived), the eighth of only twelve GT40 prototypes and the only Roadster to have continually survived in its original form. Being the rarest, most original and best documented GT40 of them all, it won at Pebble Beach in 2003 and RM Auctions managed to sell it for $6,930,000. A bargain compared to some barn find Ferraris.

If you're interested in its illustrious history and want to look at some pretty pictures including many rare ones from the period, head over to RM's dedicated page, but if you prefer to grab your headphones first, I completely understand.

Small race cars are best race cars.