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There Are Plans To Race The Brand New Ford GT This Year

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Ford GT is the star of the Detroit Auto Show this year. But what wasn't announced is when it'll hit the race track. What we can now reveal is that Ford is planning to race the GT this year. In 2015. Yes. You heard that right.


According to someone familiar with the matter, Ford is planning on racing the GT in 2015 and they've done preliminary work to have it be able to race.

Yes. You read this correctly.

In North America, it would be raced in IMSA in the Tudor Sports Car Championship, but if it was powered by the 3.5 liter V6 it would have to receive a waiver to compete, as cars in the GTLM class cannot be turbocharged (EDIT: Apparently you can run turbos for less than 4.0 liters. Sorry!). They'd also need to get around homologation regulations.


I'd imagine that the conversation would go like this:

Ford: "We'd like to race a new Ford GT in your series, but it doesn't meet all the regs, can we please do that anyway?"

IMSA: "Do whatever you want."

There is no word as to when during the season the GT would race, which could mean right at the beginning or just for the season ending Petit Le Mans. Of course, Ford could also switch course and not run this year, but come on, they have to.


That's really all we know, but it's a very promising development. Get on track now!