Here's a 2020 Toyota Supra Marked Up to Nearly $200,000

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There’s regular crazy and there’s Florida crazy. In the last day alone, we’ve seen terrestrial manatees, ass-eating bacteria, and blatant electricity theft all out of the Sunshine State. But all of that is nothing compared to the markup on this 2020 Supra.

Until this classified ad from Toyota Kia of Vero Beach, Florida showed up, at least. We’re no strangers to stiff dealer markups on exciting new cars. They’re not always fair, but when supply’s low, demand is gonna be high. But just how high can it get?

We were amazed to find out.

It turns out that this dealer is not selling this Supra (which starts at $49,995) up 50 percent. They’re not even marking it up 100 percent. They’ve added $138,819 to the price tag of this fully loaded Supra Premium in Renaissance Red. There have been some pretty high markups on this car already, but this is absurdity.


Toyota Kia of Vero Beach did indeed confirm to us over the phone that the price listed in the ad is accurate, and they did say that they have received “serious interest” for the car at that price.

The last time we spoke about a new model getting marked up beyond affordability it was the Jeep Gladiator. A convertible pickup truck with the off-road ability of a Wrangler is going to attract a lot more attention (and potential buyers) than something more conventional, and dealers have found that in some cases that attention is worth a cool twenty grand. The same thing went for the Dodge Challenger Demon. Limited production and preposterous power figures were naturally going to be matched by sticker shock to the tune of $175,000.


Now, it always does cost more to be an early adopter. Just ask someone who bought the first iPhone on day 1. It’s bound to be worth it to some people. It’s exciting to be the first to show up in the latest machine, especially when you get to do quarter miles before ever stepping out of the car on your first drive. But at some point marking up the newest model stops being about harnessing demand and starts being about getting the kind of attention that warrants a write-up . And hey, it worked.