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Here's A 1932 MG J2 That Was Just Found In A World War II Artillery Position

A model of the car’s remains. Image: Wessex Archaeology
A model of the car’s remains. Image: Wessex Archaeology

While digging at a site in Larkhill, England—about 85 miles west of London and long a garrison town—some archaeologists recently found what was left of a 1932 MG J2, one of only 2,083 ever made. And it’s been there since at least around World War II.


Project car, anybody?

The car, the BBC reports, was likely used by troops who were at Larkhill to train, and had been in use for decades before it was left for dead in a weapons pit.


From the BBC:

Damien Campbell-Bell, of Wessex Archaeology, described the find as “a real surprise”.


“We can tell from the tyre pattern the car was probably in use until the early 1960s, at which point it seems to have been placed in the artillery position.”

Mr Campbell-Bell said he thinks the car had been dismantled for repair by a local soldier, but was then seemingly abandoned.

And here’s some fun with a 3D model of the excavation:


1932 MG J2 car excavation, Larkhill by Wessex Archaeology on Sketchfab

If you’re curious what the car might’ve looked like in its prime, here’s a photo, though restoring the Larkhill one to its former glory would be a pretty epic restoration project.

Photo credit Barrett-Jackson
Photo credit Barrett-Jackson

I think one of you should go for it.

(h/t Sarah Laskow/Atlas Obscura)

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At what point does it stop being a car and start being just scrap?