Photo(s) by the author
Photo(s) by the author

Here’s a photo of a 1966 Ferrari 275GTB owned by John & Karen Gerhard, who were kind enough to bring it to last weekend’s Pinehurst, NC Concours d’Elegance. Get it? It looks like the car is breathing heavily? It’s a meme. I’ll have the full gallery up sometime later this week, but for now, control your breathing.


From the booklet given at the event:

“Ferrari introduced the 275GTB at the auto shows in 1964. It was the first production Ferrari with independent rear suspension and a 5 speed trans-axle for better weight distribution. The 275 was also the first Ferrari to sport alloy wheels although this car was fitted with wire wheels. This steel bodied 3 carb long nose car is one of the 105 torque tube cars.”


Here’s an un-molested image of the 275GTB:

*heavy breathing*

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I’ll raise you the blue one auctioned last year for $3.3M. Heavy breathing all around!…