Image: Jensen-Healey via oldcarmanualproject
Image: Jensen-Healey via oldcarmanualproject

Here’s a cool old sports car that doesn’t get enough love: the Jensen-Healey Mk. II. It’s not only beautiful, but it seems like a whole lot of fun. Under the hood is a 140 horsepower, 45-degree, dual overhead cam, four-valve per cylinder Lotus-designed “907” engine. Dubbed the “Torqueless Wonder,” the slanted four-pot was mated to a Getrag dog-leg five-speed. That sounds like a great combo for a car that only weighs about 2,200 pounds.

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My Dad has a 1974 Jensen Healey, her name is Mazie. A business partner gifted it to him. The business partner’s father bought it new in northern California. Dad takes it out once in while and my nephew sits in it and pets it when he visits. It’s fun to drive and the 8 track player works.  And hey, it’s for sale, at least according to my Mom hahaha