Here Is The Mitsubishi Lancer History Lesson You Needed Today

When it comes to the cars, some days are good. Some days are full of fun and exciting and nice news that keeps me optimistic about the future. And then on other days, I wake up to find the latest Mitsubishi Evolution concept is an electric crossover with AI assistance. Here’s something to cleanse the palate.

The folks over at Donut Media have a new car history series called Up To Speed, and it’s been quite good as of late. The latest is a timely addition: it’s a look at the Mitsubishi Lancer through the years, with a particular focus on the hot-ass rallygoing Evolution versions.

Return to a better time, when the Evo was a boxy sedan with a lackluster interior, a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and an all-wheel drive layout that somehow made it capable of uppercutting supercars.


I really miss the Evo. I was always more of a Subaru guy coming up; even owned and tuned a WRX for a number of years. But I loved the rivalry between those two companies and how it forced each of them to get better and faster. This was, to people who grew up lusting after Japanese tuner cars, what the Mustang vs. Camaro thing was to the muscle car crowd.

Plus, it always seemed like of the two, the Evo was the harder, angrier, slightly less everyday option than the WRX STI. That was admirable.

Now it’s gone for good. The STI is still around, but it has no Mitsubishi to compete against, as the latter company decided to turn it into an electric crossover instead.

What was your favorite Evo?

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