Here Is The McLaren Senna Before You're Supposed To See It

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The newest member of the McLaren Ultimate Series has dropped a little earlier than expected, appropriately dubbed the McLaren Senna. This isn’t the three-seat layout car we’ve been hearing about, but it’s still really exciting.

McLaren has posted a few teases of the car following a reveal party, but it would seem McLaren’s guests are taking advantage of how impatient the internet gets when there’s an insanely cool new car to look at:


We don’t know a lot about the McLaren P1 replacement at the moment outside the fact that it is extremely orange and has three giant tail pipes. If the information from those in attendance at the reveal are to be believed, 500 will be made, it should make 789-horsepower and will cost just over $1 million. I can’t wait to learn more.

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