Here Is A Russian Man Filling A Car With Concrete

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This is something you don’t see every day: a Russian man filling the front seat of a car with concrete while being filmed by a cameraman cackling madly through the whole ordeal.


Now, I don’t speak a lick of Russian, so I ran the video’s caption through Google translate, which gave me this:

In St. Petersburg, a man was poured concrete with a car salon of his own wife, who decided to change her surname to win 50 thousand rubles in shares of the local supermarket “Verny”. The action consisted in the fact that 50 thousand rubles could be obtained by anyone who officially changed his surname to Verny or Vernaya.

The man, judging by his words, intended to give a gift to his wife, but the woman’s irresponsible attitude to the generic name infuriated him. He drove the car to the store and filled the interior with concrete.

It is noted that the car in this condition is still standing near the supermarket building.


If this translation is accurate, then there is way more shit at work here than just a simple concrete pouring. And if this translation is accurate, holy hell, does filling your spouse’s car with concrete count as domestic abuse?

Does this mean the car is totaled? I don’t know. I’ve luckily never dealt with a car filled with cement before. Have you?

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Does this mean the car is totaled?

Worse than that - it’s bricked.