Here Is A List Of All The People Who Own Ferrari 250 GTOs

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Public records are a funny thing. With just a little time and research you can find out nearly anything you could ever possibly want to know. Sometimes those records will incite anger when published for public viewing.


But why? These records are curated and can be accessed by anyone. That is literally the definition of the word public. If someone really wants access to a public record, all they have to do is make requests in order to get them. It can take a while. But that's really par for the course with items that are held by the government.

In addition to government public records, there are other records that are available to anyone at anytime. We call these records the "internet." Tweets, Facebook posts, and just plain old websites all serve as publicly accessible data that can contain some private information. Basically, never type anything you don't want the world to know.

In the car world, we have these things called 'registries.' Certain fanatics will keep tabs on rare cars in order to establish their histories and if they are legitimate examples of the breed. These lists are then published online, frequently with VIN numbers, names, and locations of the cars. This is available to every single person on the internet in the world.

So, without further ado, I present the comprehensive list of owners of Ferrari 250 GTOs.
Ferrari 250 GTO Owners


These records are all readily available on the Ferrari 250 GTO registry and have just been compiled here in one place and published together.

Frankly, I find this insanely interesting. I had no idea that Wal Mart heir Rob Walton had a 250 GTO. Nor did I know that British radio personality Chris Evans had sold his.


And all it took to find out was one Google search and a few clicks.

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Raphael Orlove

Just for all you nationalists out there, here's the breakdown country-by-country in number owned and percentage of total GTOs.

USA: 16; 48.5%

Great Britain: 7; 21.2%

Switzerland: 3; 9%

Italy: 3; 9%

Germany: 2; 6%

Mexico: 1; 3%

Canada: 1; 3%

Fuck yeah! Also, props to Italy for still holding onto a couple of their own.