I've mentioned before that getting food delivered in the city of Detroit is a bit of a challenge. Now you can see firsthand, thanks to this video of a local news anchor riding with a pistol-packing pizza delivery driver.


Sadly, it's not new news in the city that food deliverers are prime targets for crime, which has led to several restaurants ending delivery in the city altogether. But just like homeowners fighting back against burglars, drivers are taking extra precaution as well.

A driver for Gregg's Pizza on Livernois (which is not a bad place! I've been going for years.) says after being held up seven times in his 35-year career, he finally got a gun and carries it with him on trips. Three Gregg's drivers have been killed over the years, according to the report.


In the video, we also learn of some of the other conditions of drivers, such as the fact that this driver is only paid $3.75 per delivery (not including tips), plus the high cost of gas which eats up most expenses. (Is $3.75 above/below/around the normal rate? Anyone want to weigh in?)

Video via WXYZ

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