Here Are Two Brutal Ways To Fail At Jumping A Polaris Off A Cliff

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RJ Anderson is considered the best Polaris RZR pilot in the world, but he couldn't quite stick the landing on this insane 40' step-down jump. The maniac went back for seconds and got worked even harder, and believe it or not he's vowed to return.

This crash went down during the filming of UTV Underground's first Side-By-Side (SxS) off-road movie; XP1K. The whole video is nuts, and you should check it out if you haven't seen it yet:

The crew has since taken over a 600 acre farm near Mt. Baker, Washington to shoot a sequel, XP1K2, slated to drop November. Producers have promised to deliver " natural terrain trails, massive dirt jumps and more than twenty jaw-dropping man-made obstacles."


Including, I think, a victorious crushing of this brutal leap-of-faith off a cliff.

As a side note, SxS ATVs make badass camera rigs.

Images: Mad Media

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