I don’t have to tell you that the hottest Halloween trend happening right now are costumes for your car. Why dress your own damp, sticky body up in some costume, like a goddamn caveman would, when you can dress up your car? You wouldn’t. Car-stumes are here to stay, and here are the hottest ones this year.

The goal of a Halloween costume is, at its most fundamental level, to instill fear. And nothing, I mean nothing instills more fear than the complicated, angry folds of the new Toyota Prius front end.

I’ve seen that squinty, leering face make a whole group of little kids simultaneously fill their underoos with copious terror-poops, and now you can have that same power on your car, with one of these Prius Fright Masks.

The rubberized construction lets it fit snugly on any car, and the headlight sections are clear plastic, so your lights shine through!


It’s the perfect car-getup for true horror.

Minivans have always felt like little spaceships, which is probably why these nostalgic Star Trek original-series style shuttlecraft costumes are so popular.


Visibility is a bit tricky as you have to peer through those three plastic windows, and the placement of the engine nacelles at the sides sometimes means you have to exit through the rear hatch, but that just adds to the realism!

Official Star Trek-licensed costumes are made from reinforced styrofoam and should hold up pretty well, but they’re not recommended for highway travel, just so you know.


One of the hottest costumes this year is a Corvette-only costume, the legendary Mid-Engine ‘Vette costume. Now you can be like those camo’d cars you’ve seen in spy photos on pretty much every car website.

The big plastic V8 is hollow, so it’s not too heavy, and there’s a version you can get with spinning pulleys!


The Dodge Demon was one of the biggest car stories of the year, and a devil/demon costume is a traditional Halloween staple, so this is a perfect choice.

The Demon costume comes with everything you need: a Demon facia face mask, a set of horns, a big tail with wire internal support, and, best of all, twin C/D-pillar-mounted fog machines to give the illusion of constant, never-ending burnouts.


We’re all sure there will be a 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS, but Porsche won’t admit it exists. That’s what makes the 2018 Porsche GT2 RS Ghost costume so perfect—it’s there, but it isn’t there, like a ghost.

The costume includes an inflatable shaping framework for your car, and a sheet with integrated headlight decals with LEDs.


An automotive costume classic, the giant face of Nathan Lane on the front of your car never goes out of style. Some people like to keep these on year ‘round!