Here Are The Cars Everyone Misspells While Searching The Internet

Ford Focuss. Chevy Camri. Kneesan Leaf. The internet’s hard, and spelling’s even harder. The automotive industry’s full of funky names, so it’s no surprise that people consistently goof one up in a search engine. And’s here to call every single one of them out.

On Tuesday, posted a list of the top 10 commonly misspelled cars, based on searches on their website and on Google.

A few probably jump to mind—how many people do you know who can spell Lamborghini offhand? Enthusiasts, sure; the Everyman, eh? (How one even considers Lemborni as the possible spelling, though, I don’t know.)

Tell me, what do you think of this? From

  • Kia Stringer
  • Farrari, Ferlary, Ferarri
  • MacLaren
  • Lemborni
  • Porshe, Porsche Boxer, Porch Boxer
  • Chevroley Camero
  • Infinity
  • Toyota Corrola
  • Volkswagon
  • Mayback

Quick, someone draw up a mock image of the Porch Boxer.

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