Here Are Some Motorsport-Themed Halloween Costumes For You And Your Crew

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Halloween is this week, readers! We hope you have your costumes all sorted out and ready to go, but, in case you needed a little inspiration for you and your friends (or special loved ones) before you hit the spooky party scene tonight, then we’ve got a few fantastic motorsport-themed ideas here for you depending on all your needs.

Iconic Duos

Do you need a couple’s costume that isn’t totally cheesy? Are you and your best friend going out together and they keep insisting on something cliché, like going as a devil and an angel? Then look no further, because these iconic duo costumes will be perfect for you.


Dale Earnhardt and the #3 car

Photo: Craig Jones (Getty)

Name a more iconic duo than Dale Earnhardt and his #3 Richard Childress Racing Chevrolet. Oh, you can’t? That’s because one doesn’t exist.

Jackie Stewart and François Cevert

Stewart and Cevert may have been the best teammate bros the motorsport world has ever seen. With Stewart on the brink of his hush-hush retirement, he fed all of his racing knowledge to his young protegé. Such was their relationship that when Cevert had opportunities to pass his teammate for the race lead, he’d often defer to second place out of respect.


When Tensions Are High

Uh oh. The whole “what should we wear” debate got a little too intense, and now both you and your costume partner are pissed off at each other. Don’t worry, though—you can capitalize on this simmering rage in a way that doesn’t have to involve passive aggressive subtweets! Instead, just channel it all into your costume.


Senna vs. Prost

Photo: Tony Feder (Getty)

Ah, yes: racing’s most notorious rivalry. The teammates who grew to despise one another due to the sheer competitiveness of their natures. Oh God, all the heartbreak! All the snide comments in the press! Oh, it just doesn’t get any more tragic than this!

McLaren and Honda: Reunited

Photo: Mark Thompson (Getty)

This isn’t a costume for the lovedrunk honeymooners in the prime of their life. No. This is the post-divorce “I guess I’ll give it another go” kind of deal, except now it’s worse, oh god, it’s just so much worse. A perfect costume for anyone looking for reasons to spit invectives at one another all night that jeopardize your relationship!

You and Your Crush

It happened: you worked up the courage to ask the Human Of Your Current Fantasies to be your date to the Halloween party—and they even agreed to dress up with you! Now, you can’t go too overt here. No Jack and Sallies or Danny and Sandies for you. No. You need something that conveys the truth of your intense longing.


Any Andretti (But Mario) and the Borg Warner

Years of trying, years of frustration! No Andretti has ever managed to secure an Indy 500 win since Mario Andretti’s victory in 1969—but that hasn’t stopped the whole family from trying. Just like how you haven’t won over your sweetheart yet, but you’ll be damned if you don’t give it your all! Bonus points if you just constantly stare longingly at your Borg Warner baby from across the room. Bonus points if one of the witches at the party “curses” you.


Mark Martin and Finishing Second in the Cup Championship

Photo: Bill Hall (Getty)

As a childhood Mark Martin fan, this one… it still hurts. Alway so close to that elusive championship win and yet still so far. Just like you winning the heart your crush!

When Someone Didn’t Really Want to Dress Up At All

There’s a party pooper in your midst—that person who absolutely refuses to wear a costume even though it’s good harmless fun. “I’ll go to the party with you, but I am not dressing up,” they say, as if it will be somehow less embarrassing to be known as That Person Who Absolutely Sucks At Having Fun. Never fear: there’s still a way to sucker ‘em into a team costume without them even knowing!


Formula E And The Whining People Do About Formula E’s Whiny Noise

This one is one of the easiest costumes because you really only need one. Person A dresses in all-electric getup (you decide what that means) and drags Person B to a party, where they bitch about having to be there and unwittingly play right into your festive hands!


The Gang’s All Here

Congratulations: you actually have cool friends who all want to dress up together! Sure, you could always go as the Teletubbies or characters from Mario Kart, but who knows how many other groups will show up with the exact same thing? Here’s how you can avoid embarrassment.


US Grand Prix 2005

This one. This one is great. At the very least, all you need are five good friends willing to take on the roles of Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello, Tiago Monteiro, Narain Karthikeyan, Christijan Albers, and Patrick Friesacher, and you, my friend, have the entirety of a Formula One grid ready to go! If more people catch wind of this genius idea and want to tag along, then there are still so many possibilities. Disappointed fans, Michelin teams, the FIA, Bernie Ecclestone—really, the possibilities here are endless.

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