Hennessey Chevrolet SS Runs A Sick Quarter For America, Australia

Oh, Chevrolet SS! You carry the shared hope of two nations, Australia and America, that the masses can still appreciate raw V8 muscle and sweet, sweet rear-wheel drive. And you get even better when Hennessey Performance gets their hands on you.

This is the SS with the Hennessey HPE600 upgrade, which means its LS3 V8 gets a blower and a bump to 600 horsepower at 6,300 RPM. Hennssey says it will run a quarter mile in 11.84 seconds at 117 mph, which is pretty quick.


Even better, it can smoke its tires in a hot and nasty fashion, as you can see towards the end of this video. What a shining example of Australo-American cooperation.

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